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Ultra File Search  v.

File Search Utility which is able to find quickly Files, Folders and Text.

Yet Another Ftp File Search  v.1.0

Yet another ftp file search. Simple ftp file search fo little network.

ViRaNiAc!'s File Search  v.1.2

This is a simple file search program. This program is not based on indexed searching. This program is written in JAVA and may work on any platform but is tested on Windows platform. Requirements:JRE 1.5 or higher

Windows Command-Line File Search  v.1.0

This Windows command-line file search utility provides the needed command-line search functionality in a case-insensitive manner for any file on a drive or within a specific directory. Executes faster than GUI! (Wildcards and Regex support coming soon!)

Urfin - File Search Engine for LAN  v.1.1

Urfin is a search tool that helps you to find files in your local Windows network. It has all information about files located in shared directories on computers in your office.Urfin is a server program, that is periodically scanning all available in

File search engine - Ask4File  v.20100606

Find and download anything you want from various file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload and more

Cricetus log file search  v.1.0

A PHP application to search for matching strings in log files. It was mainly designed for usage in a syslog server environment with big log files, where you cannot log to databases due to the size, but to plain text files which will be

File Search Master  v.1.0

This project is to search files and their content that could be opened using notepad. Future releases will include other file types as well (pdf, word,excel...etc.). This will also allow a user to open the files in the results box using notepad and

File Search-n-Match  v.1.0

Looks at file names in a directory and finds common parts in them trying to search similar and repeated ones. Useful when you have multiple files which differ in checksum and somehow in names. You can collect them and make a decision afterwards.

FTP file search/index  v.1.0

Designed for intranet ftp file sharing, It loads file structure from selected intranet FTP Servers and allows search of files on the file database. Uses MYSQL for data storage. The search is performed trough a web-based interface.

External File Search  v.1.1.0

Search plugin for Eclipse that makes it possible to search for files outside the

X Local File Search  v.1.0

This intended to be a fast local network(ftp/smb) file indexer and searcher. It's daemon is written in C#, it will have a GUI client, WEB interface for integration into networks' sites and using PgSQL as

Raw file search and extraction tools  v.1.0

Tools for searching and extracting data from big files, meant for recovering data from hard disks.

VX Search  v.9.8.14

VX Search is an automated, rule-based file search solution capable of searching files by the file type, category, extension, file name, location, size, creation, modification and last access dates, user, file attributes, JPEG EXIF tags, etc.

Portable UltraFileSearch  v.

Ultra File Search is a Search Utility which is able to find quickly Files, Folders and Text on your Local, Network, DVD, CD-ROM, USB Hard or Flash Drives. Ultra File Search allows you to specify several File Mask and multiple Drives and/or Folders at File Finder (formerly File Finder)  v.4.00 File Finder is a file search engine. Megabytes and Gigabytes of data are saved totally un-organized to hard disks and other media. One of the things, users do with their computers most often is trying to find these old files again they

BS File Explorer  v.1.0

BS File Explorer is a tabbed file explorer for windows that uses the .NET framework. Features include built in media players, document editors, and file type management, tabbed browsing, and a very quick and efficient file search

Swatian Tigers Desktop Search  v.2

A light weight Desktop Search Application built in .net C# and implemented using file search recursive algorithm and threads. provides explorer like view of files. It can be implemented in mono(platform independent).currently only runs on

Arbitrary File Tagging Utility  v.1.0

AFTU - Arbitrary File Tagging Utility is an advanced cross-platform file-organization, file-search and file-browse utility. It enables one to tag all file-types, i.e. not only multimedia filetypes such as audio or graphics, but ALL files on ones system.

Linux Directory Server  v.1.0

A small linux distribution aimed at servers, where the single point of administration and authentication is an OpenLDAP database. It includes modified versions of the most important services: Web Server, Mail Server, File Server, DHCP Server, authenticat

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